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Here are some answers to common questions.

You can enter the church by the main stairs at the corner of Church and Queen Streets, or by the elevator door at street level on Queen Street. Once you are upstairs, you will be greeted and handed a leaflet which guides you through the service. You may sit anywhere you like, but the greeters will be able to help you find a seat if you would prefer.

The 8am Sunday service is a quiet, spoken, intimate service held in the chapel at the front of the main church (off Queen Street). This service usually lasts around 45 minutes.

The 10am Sunday service is a sung service in the main church and involves the organ, hymns, the church choir, and depending on the time in the Church Calendar, some extra celebrations. This service usually lasts around 90 minutes.

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St. George's has no dress code. While the clergy and choir are usually wearing robes, the congregation varies widely! Some people wear suits, some people wear jeans. What you wear does not affect your time in this house of prayer.

We offer Sunday School classes during the main Sunday 10am service. To participate, just mention it to one of the greeters when you come in, or email the office ahead of time (by Friday at noon). There is also a nursury area available downstairs.

For those parents who do not want to be separated from their children, you are more than welcome to keep them with you during the service.

Sunday school rejoins the main church before it is time for Communion, and all children are invited with their parents to come up and receive a blessing from the priest.

St. George's has many services throughout the week. Our main service is Sunday morning at 10:00 AM but we also have Morning and Evening Prayer every day. On most special days in the Church calendar (known as Holy Days), we may have extra services.

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Where can I park?
Most parking is free on Sunday!

The church does not have its own parking area.

On Sundays, there are a variety of options for parking (see map). Municipal paid-parking in the City of Moncton is free on Sundays.

  • A drop-off and pick-up space is available directly in front of the elevator doors on Queen Street (not for parking)
  • Street parking on Church, Alma, and Victoria Streets at the meters (free on Sundays)
  • The city's multi-level parking garage between Alma & Church Street (free on Sundays)
  • The small lot accross from our Queen Street elevator entrance is available for St. George's Congregation on Sunday mornings only (signage specifies this)
  • We are permitted to park on Queen Street in front of St. George's between Church and Alma Streets on Sundays only.

During the Week, those attending the Daily Offices or the Thursday Eucharist may park in the church driveway off Queen Street or at a parking space with a meter on one of the nearby streets.  As of 2019, parking rates are $2 per hour on Church and Alma Streets, and $1 per hour on Victoria St.  For more information on rates and the city's 28 Alma Street garage, contact City Parking Services 506-853-3522 or

Please note that we are not permitted to park on Queen Street or the lot across the street except on Sunday mornings.

Parking at the "Aliant Parking Lot" at the corner of Queen and Alma Streets is permit-only, and public paid parking is only available from 5 PM to 6 AM daily. Violations may result in "the boot."

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Let us know you’re coming to church!

We’ll have somebody expecting to meet you, and if you would like, they could contact you in advance.

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