Meet Our Team

Our Clergy

Headed by the Rector, the clergy care for the spiritual needs of the congregation and perform the sacraments of the church.


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The Vestry

Corporation of the Anglican Parish of Moncton

By law, the church is governed-in-council by the vestry. Each member of vestry is elected to serve 3-year terms from among the congregation at the Annual General Meeting, usually held each February. The vestry, wardens, and Rector make up the "Corporation" of the Parish.

The Vestry is headed by two "wardens" who are the official (and legal) holders of the church on behalf of the congregation.

To contact any member of vestry, please get in touch with the office.

Kelly VanBuskirk
  • Senior Warden
Tyler McKenna
  • Junior Warden

Members of Vestry

Sheila Colboune
Marilyn Crossman-Riel
Dianne Dallaire
Cherie Perry
Susan Plewes
Clifford Reid
Marilyn Rice
Sheila Searle
Allen Urquhart

Recording Secretary (non-voting): Esther Mah

Synod Delegates
Maria Stam
Isaac Brown
Synod Alternates
Kelly VanBuskirk
Frances Devost Cormier
Carolyn VanBuskirk